discount tickets for theme parks?

does any one know any web site s that do discounts for theme parks for the 2008 season x thanks

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  1. NYkool says:

    Pick your park and type in the park name and hit your search button and when their home page comes up click tickets. The park site itself always gives the biggest discount. If you buy discount tickets through a ticket agent you still have to pay the agents cut of the price. Go directly to the source for everything = hotels, planes, tickets, etc, no matter where you are going.

  2. its me woo hoo says:

    you dont say what theme parks

  3. BIG A says:

    wait until the summer and read lots of news papers

  4. Celeste R says:

    if you purchase tickets from universal studios online like a couple months early then you can get them 4 like 12 a day, and if u go to disney world then they have great deals to just go to there web sites

  5. CLIVE H says:

    Here’s how to get discounts for UK Theme Parks : –

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    These next links are where you can get coupons and save money at the shops. They’re the same coupons you find on packs in supermarkets, only you don’t have to buy a product before getting the coupon. Clever eh?

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    In addition to all of the cut price tickets on offer, there are millions of freebees just waiting for you out there in Cyberland. Enjoy.

  6. ‚ô•Pumpernickle‚ô• says:

    Usually the website of the theme park offers a few extra dollars off. Also, during the summer Cedar Point has Pepsi offer 8 dollars off.

  7. asia j says:

    you can go on ebay

  8. Janine L says:

    i got half price tickets for uk theme parks from last or wait untill summer superdrug iceland n all them sort of places give u money off vouchers with purchases good luck n have a great time

  9. MRS D says:

  10. ab says:

    if you go to a First Choice travel agent they have a book there called ‘Worldwide Theme Parks & Attractions’you can get tickets for loads of places,its worth a look,enjoy your trip.

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