Discounts with travel agents ?

I recently booked 2 holidays at the same time and asked if I could have a discount. The agent told me she had already applied the maximum discount.
How does the discount system work ? And how would I know if I had received a discount or not as it’s difficult to compare with exactly the same holiday elsewhere ?
It sounds a bit like a scam really, and I’m not convinced I did get any discount.

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3 Responses to “Discounts with travel agents ?”

  1. Strongbow says:

    Sorry Gav, you get advertised discounts all the time. next time you buy anything (and i mean anything, not just holidays) you gotta ask for extra discount several times and tell the salesperson that you will only book there and then if you get good discount. it is then up to you what price you will accept. Most retailers will have between 10 and 20% hidden in the price just for hardened shoppers like you will now be.

  2. thumberlina says:

    What you should do is shop around first – on the internet and other travel agents. Get the best price from all of them – go into them again – tell them the price you have been offered and see if they can match it or beat it.

    Never take the first price given to you..

  3. dior_girl_at_heart says:

    It’s a scam.Try the link below.

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