"Discounts? "?

Does it annoy anyone else that shops can offer all these discounts now that the credit crunch has hit , but does it not just show how much we were being ripped off before?

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2 Responses to “"Discounts? "?”

  1. MICHAEL P says:

    Well in the good times, profit will always be maximised, that’s the hub of effective business. It’s just the level of profit that is in question although the Consumer seldom knows that. Saying that, I put off buying myself an iPod Touch until the new year when prices should be down but they have not gone down a penny so I haven’t bought one. Curry’s emailed me with an offer of £50 off one but when I responded, they said it wasn’t available ‘locally’ at the discount price ….. complete rip off … But also remember its good profits that keep businesses buoyant and people in work. The result of price slashing only worsens the employment situation and I honestly feel that most discounting is done on cheap goods anyway ….

  2. Wasted Life says:

    Yes. I feel raped by National Consumerism.

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