Disney Passholder Question?

So, I am planning a Disney World honeymoon. Because I am staying for 10 days (9 nights), I was recommended at some point during my research to consider purchasing an annual pass because of the discounts it may give me. Well, passes for two people is over $1400 and the cost of the tickets themselves for 2 people is only a little over $500. So, I had a question, does everyone in the party need to have an annual pass to get the discounts? Can I order two eight-day tickets with one annual pass? Can I book a hotel room for two people under one pass (if discounts are offered at the time)? Are there are other real benefits to being a passholder? Are discounts offered often? Any information or advice is appreciated.

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  1. NemoRang says:

    Yes, You only need one pass to get the discounts. The only thing is who evers name is on the annual pass is the one whose name must be on the credit card being used.
    A passholder can book a room and get the discount and have a non passholder stay in the room as well.
    Annual passholders get 20% off food and merchandise. There are also other special discounts that can be offered seasonal.

  2. reinaldo says:

    Where did you get those prices? That just ove $500 is not correct – Depending if you want the park hopper option , the price will be between $600 and $700 plus state tax.

  3. Melissa says:

    Two 10-day base tickets to Disney will be $636, before tax. A regular annual pass is $611, before tax; a premium annual pass is $744, before tax.
    You only need one pass to get the discounts on room, dining, and merchandise. But you’re still looking at a substantial difference in price between buying 2 base tickets and purchasing 1 base ticket and 1 annual pass. There is a good chance that you won’t make up that difference on just one trip; if you plan to go back to Disney within the year, then it may be worth it.

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