Disney World holiday deals march 2011?

We are going to disney World for 18 days in the first weeks or march, I have seen deals on the disney site, but none that cover this time, or the hotel we wish to stay at. When we booked it last time (for dec ’10) the deals for that time came out a few days after the last booking day of the big deal ended. Will this happen again? and does anyone know what this deal might be of if there will be one?

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2 Responses to “Disney World holiday deals march 2011?”

  1. The Cheshire says:

    Deals for 2011 are not out yet but like the other person said they really do not offer much of anything during march through like the first week of April due to spring breaks. It is one of their peak seasons. Early march might be ok but you wont know until they release deals to the public which will probably be shortly after the new year.

    My parents were in Orlando last year during spring break and they even had blackout dates during that time for give a day get a day and could not use it.

    Keep checking their webpage for "deals".

  2. Lilli says:

    March is peak spring break season, so don’t expect many deals. But the deals are *typically* announced a couple months ahead of time, not this far in advance. Actually next year’s prices will probably not come out until August. So you will just have to keep checking. You can always book with a Disney travel agent (there are some online if you don’t have one locally). They will always get notifications of deals and can add them to your already-booked vacation.

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