Divorce Confirmation?

I got divorced (mutual consent) in Nov 2012 (after the 6 month wait) in Mumbai. My lawyer said I will receive documents from the court in 2 months. But I’ve not received any documents as yet – lawyer appears to be dodging my calls, when I try him through some other number he answers and says, he will come back as soon as he gets the papers from the court.
Can someone explain what the formality is and how I can get this myself if I want to
or does it actually take such a long time to get these documents. I was told that in other cities like Chennai, North you get the documents in 1-2 days !
p.s. I do not have any voucher # or file # to refer it directly at the court either

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  1. Lyla says:

    You need to see your lawyer face to face. Tell him that he has to give you the voucher number and file number. Make it clear to him that if you don’t get what you are asking for that you will get another lawyer so you can get an answer to why you haven’t received your divorce papers. I just hope for your sake that your lawyer is an honest lawyer.

  2. Srikkk says:

    you can approach the court directly and check about your details. Lawyer seems to be fake. There will be some brokers or assistants who can you the decree, if you provide them with exact data like your full name, his name and date of court hearings etc. Don’t go to any other lawyer but the approach the court directly.

  3. Senthil EG Iyappan says:

    Dear Buddy,
    Visit the concerned court. Find out from the Document Department. Give him/her the Case No. and you would get the court order by paying a nominal fee. In order to prove your identity, pl carry photostat copies of the ID Proof (both Photo / permanent address).
    Your lawyer to some extent is correct. Getting the order may take a maximum of two months. However, be cautious. If it is delayed, it may lead to legal complications, despite the mutual consent, if the spouse goes for appeal stating that she no longer would like to be in favour of mutual divorce.
    Try to get the order immediately and have it in safe custody.
    Best of Luck
    Thanks, Warm Regards & May GOD Bless
    G Senthil Iyappan

  4. vijay m Indian Lawyer says:

    I got this divorce by mutual consent second motion and order done on 16.02.2013 and this morning on 21.02.2013 three sets of the certified copies of the second motion joint statement, order and decree of divorce were in my hand, one each for both my clients and one for my office record, and mind you 17.02.2013 was Sunday.
    This I talk about Family Court, District Gurgaon.
    6 months for waiting to getting certified copy of final order and decree of divorce in cases of divorce by mutual consent is unimaginable.
    Your Mumbai lawyer is expecting more money to hand over these documents to you that is why he is making excuses.
    Personally apply for certified copies of the case in the copying branch of the concerned court by filling the C.C.Application form wherein these details of the parties, presiding officer/Judge name and date of order etc has to be mentioned, pay the fee for the certified copies and get these in just 3-4 days time as this already decided case and has been consigned to record room.

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