Do amazon vouchers work if you buy from an independent seller?

I got a amazon voucher for my birthday and i wanted to know if they worked with independent sellers or not

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  1. eric says:

    it depends on the type of amazon vouchers you buy ed
    if you buy amazon gift vouchers technically as I understand it they can only be used to buy direct from amazon.
    however my brother recently gave me 20 $ worth of vouchers
    he got them from max vouchers (I’ll not bore you with the details) they worked both from the amazon and the market place sellers
    so i cannot tell you a direct yes or no
    just enter any voucher codes you have at the checkout screen. and watch if the vouchers are applied to your orders. remember vouchers are said to remain on your account until used, so even if they can not be used against a specific transaction I’m sure you will find something else you want to buy. so in the end you spend the same regardless of how you spend the total amount.

    example £100 amazon vouchers.
    marketplace order £200
    amazon order £200
    total goods £400 – £100 vouchers leaves £300 to pay. does it matter which of the orders the vouchers are used on when you are still paying out £300 on top of the vouchers (given the example transaction).

    i hope my answer is of some use to you

  2. edward e says:

    has to be with amazon

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