Do any major airlines have sales at particular times?

I am flying to Chicago from London later this year and don’t know whether to book now or wait and see if prices may go down. Anyone know if any airlines have sales coming up? Thanks in advance.
Thanks everyone!

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5 Responses to “Do any major airlines have sales at particular times?”

  1. simm101 says:

    Don’t know about Chicago but in the UK the best time to buy cheap flights is in term time. When the schools have holidays the price rockets, so beware.

  2. Jessica B says:

    I would just keep watch on expedia, or orbitz. But I just found this site, they have amazing deals. I don’t know if they have over seas but try it!

  3. Jake, travel agent. says:

    go to for guaranteed low prices on much more than just airlines, holtels and cars

  4. imallgq says:

    you are one lucky guy for me to have read this… i have been searching for tickets NON stop between chicago and london and everything is expensive…. however i found one airline that has them for VERY cheap….

    internet site has great options for you to pick best price on the day you are leaving.

  5. Alan M says:

    British Airways and American Airlines currently have sales on, depending when you are going. Check their websites.

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