Do any of these discount coupon codes actually work?

I’ve just tried four webhosting coupons obtained from four different websites and after taking ages to fill out my details not one of them worked. All I got was some variation of "code not recognised". It’s not just webhosting either. I never seem to get codes that work.

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3 Responses to “Do any of these discount coupon codes actually work?”

  1. Ian says:

    BPTC1Y50 – There ya go – that one for definitely works. It gave me half price on the first year. I saved it for my sister who’s gonna be starting a site in the new year, on au pairs of all things. I share your pain with the coupon code thing. I was forever trying to get grocery codes to work. It took me months to get a positive result. I didn’t know whether to consume the groceries or somehow frame them on a kind of victory shelf.

  2. Andy says:

    Yes, I have often got them working when doing online shopping at Tesco & Dominos, for example. I think the bigger the company the more people looking for, and posting, valid links, so the more chance of finding a live one :o)

  3. Mark Strong says:

    I’m sorry to hear your frustration with webhosting coupons. Are you looking for webhosting for your business or personal website? If it’s the former, have you looked into I keep hearing that they provide the cheapest business web hosting services, so maybe you won’t need a coupon code after all.

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