Do chavs watch Bargain Hunt or Cash In The Attic…?

Do chavs watch Bargain Hunt, or Cash In The Attic, just to see how much they’ll get for the stuff they burgle?
Saundra – do you know my neighbours??

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12 Responses to “Do chavs watch Bargain Hunt or Cash In The Attic…?”

  1. Saundra N says:

    Hahahaha – yep it makes a whole day’s viewing for them.

    0900 Trip to Dole Office to pick up Giro
    0905 Cash Giro in Post Office
    0910 Trip to nearest supermaket to stock up on 2 cases of cider 200 fags
    0920 Get back home
    0921 Open Packet of Fags, Open Can of Lager and switch telly on.
    0922 Sit in chair
    0923 Using remote control flick through channels on Plasma TV until desired channel pops us – Day’s viewing :-

    Jeremy Kyle
    Jeremy Kyle
    Trisha Goddard
    Trisha Goddard
    Jeremy Kyle
    Jeremy Kyle
    Cash in the Attic
    Trisha Goddard
    Jeremy Kyle
    Bargain Hunt
    Jeremy Kyle

    1700 Quick trip to local McDs or Chippie

    1730 More of the above.

    2359 Go out thieving!!

    There you go 24 hours sorted!!

    Dougie : maybe but my office is "en route" to Dole Office with Supermarket across the road. Even when working the flash of their "Argos bling" attracts my attention!! Constant stream of ’em.

  2. Rosie says RELAX. says:

    Haha, I don’t know, but I love those programs.

  3. keen2ts says:

    now thats a question I have no answer to

  4. Rt Hon Alfy G Returns says:

    Have you found out yet?

  5. flourish says:

    good idea I shall start watching

  6. shortbreadtin says:

    That sounds like the voice of experience

  7. lucywiles76 says:

    i watch them

  8. Danielle xoxo says:

    i don;t think they watch either tbh. do they pay their TV licence?!


  9. hushper says:

    It’s funny you should say that because those programmes are full of chavs trying to flog stuff. "Where did you get it from ?" "Oh, it was left to me by my late Granny/Grandad." "So they liked Picasso did they!"

  10. Ozzy D says:

    I don’t think they watch any of them! They’re not educated enough! They’re to busy at the Job Centre claiming child benefits! or walking around looking like a christmas tree! with they’re bling bling smoking a fag! oh, man you look so cool! Yeah right get a life!

  11. BlueButterfly says:

    Probably 🙂

    I HATE those shows, they make me feel like I’m in limbo.

    Just thinking about them now is getting me stressed X_x

  12. Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain says:

    I know something,but you have to write! x

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