Do coinstar vouchers have to be redeemed in store?

If I put my change into a coinstar machine in Sainsburys does the voucher have to be used for products in sainsburys?
Lucy, this will only delete it from your phone, it will not delete the actual account, can you give me a top answer!!!!

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2 Responses to “Do coinstar vouchers have to be redeemed in store?”

  1. Lucy says:

    Hi Dan. It depends on what the voucher is for. If it’s nectar points I think you have to use it in store. Some other stores also do nectar points. Other vouchers like ‘spend £20 or more and you get £5 off’ must be used in store. Some vouchers are for litres off your petrol. Just ask in store if you’re still not sure but check the date on it- when it expires. Hope this helps.
    P.S when you said ‘Click on the account you wish to delete and then press the big red button!!’ what do you mean? Will my whole account plus all details be deleted? I just want to sign out so I can sign in to another account. I don’t want to delete everything. If you can clear this up it would be very helpful thanks!

  2. lou_300 says:

    Usually, yes, but you can exchange its value for cash, since you put cash onto the machine (minus commission). You can do this at the customer service desk instore (where the cigarettes are.)

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