Do Conservatives Support Separation Of School And State?

Is this why they want vouchers, charter schools, private schools, and home schooling? If free education and government schools went away, who would teach the masses? What a mess that would be.

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6 Responses to “Do Conservatives Support Separation Of School And State?”

  1. bmovies6 says:

    ” If free education and government schools went away, who would teach the masses? What a mess that would be.”
    Who do you think was educating the masses before public schools and the department of education existed? If they went away who would be teaching them? Other people who ate better educated, that’s who. You have way too much faith in government. If certain things went away, like public schools, there will still be teachers and schools to educate the masses.

  2. theeight says:

    No one ever said anything about defunding schools. We support school choice to seek out the best school available and to promote competition amongst schools to lower administrative costs and maximize teaching benefits, safety, helpful programs etc.
    As it is, bad schools have no need to improve their standards because they are guaranteed funding and students, and good schools can’t expand because they have no way to draw extra funding away from bad schools.

  3. Cheesebu says:

    If public schools went away who would indoctrinate kids with liberalism and socialism? Who would teach kids the wonders of gay sex? Who would teach kids the white conservative christians are evil? Who would teach kids that the Constitution is an outdated racist document? Who would teach kids to hate corporations?

  4. Corrine says:

    Only if it’s a public school.
    Private schools and homeschooling should have no such barriers, or you infringe on MY RIGHT and more importantly, my children’s right of religion.
    By the way – why do you think bibles are not allowed in public school, yet encouraged in prisons?

  5. Bill Lumbergh says:

    I think they are heading in that direction. You seem like you really believe in government. I hope you realize that government is really corrupt and power hungry as well. They are not the answer. The people are the answer.

  6. Kingpolly the Great says:

    Only public schools.

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