Do Digital Storm Go On Sale Often?

I’m wondering if I should buy the computer while it’s on sale now since it’s on discount or if this isn’t a one time thing like they made it sound, I’d prefer waiting.
The model I have in mind is the Level 3 Bolt.

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One Response to “Do Digital Storm Go On Sale Often?”

  1. b says:

    IMO, you should keep looking. This system lacks Hyper-Threading and performance rating doesn’t match up with the likes from Puget, CyberPower, AVAdirect, Origin. Sure the case is the ‘thinnest’ and energy efficient but there are complaints of noise coming possibly from the PSU. Ultimately the case is a bad design and the price point isnt competitive enough. You didn’t specify the sales price with the question so even if it’s ‘on sale’ you need to take into consideration with the possible extra noise among other things. good luck.

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