Do Dobermans Have A Bad Nature?

Well, My dad is considering getting a new dog. I suggested some more bigger dogs because the smaller ones are just so yappy! I looked up about the doberman and we have the specific things it needs and we are able to spend as much money on it for vet needs. I asked my dad if we can get a Doberman,but then he said they are too aggressive and are murderers. I even showed him a doberman for sale,but he said it is a good price, but no. Anyways,are dobermans just naturally bad and you have to train them? Or, can they be a good family pet?

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5 Responses to “Do Dobermans Have A Bad Nature?”

  1. Lauren says:

    any dog can be a good family pet, german shepards are police dogs but all the ones weve owned have been the sweetest animals. It just depends on how there brought up! with The right training and a strong leader you will have a lovely dog!

  2. Ashleigh says:

    All dogs can b trained,its the owners who can make thm bad natured

  3. soobee71 says:

    dobermans are good and bad it depends on the breeders. A well bred dobeman is a wonderful dog and can be loving and calm. But a badly bred dog , meaning a pup bred from dogs with bad temperaments can be anightmare… that goes for any breed. One thing dobermans need is work…. a job, lots of exercise out with you, and a fenced yard is NOT ENOUGH.. I own 2 working dobermans now, and they get 2 hours inthe morning and 2 hours in the evening of exercise a day. AS A MINIMUM. plus training sessions for numerous times during the day.. EVERY DAY- rain, snow , storms or sun. When I feel bad, when I am sick they still NEED the exercise… they are actively working dogs in dog sport, so with a regular pet dobe maybe 2 hours a day would be enough , I am not sure…. but I do know all dogs get nuts when not exercised enough… do you have the time to train and exercisse a doberman or any working breed dog, everyday? if not , do the dog and yourself a favor and get something else to play with. Bad temperamented dog can be’ yappy ‘whether big or small. I have seen dobes bark all day long at nothing , but they were never exercised .

  4. Hooch says:

    No dog breed is unsafe to own when owned as they should be by someone who understands the breed. However, Dobermans are not the easiest breed to own either.
    I have starred this for Memphis Belle. She owns Dobermans and knows a lot about the breed.

  5. Flash says:

    I had a doberman years ago and he was highly intelligent, trainable, loyal, protective, r respectful, affectionate and gentle with children. But I have trained dogs before and made it a point to show him who’s boss since he was a puppy. If it’s your first dog or you don’t have the confidence to display dominance over your dog, I wouldn’t recommend a doberman. They will challenge your authority if you don’t firmly establish yourself as pack leader. They also need lots of exercise. I plan on getting another doberman after I get a bigger house. Best of luck.

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