Do foreign companies need to register for VAT to do business online on

We are a U.S.A based business and recently decided to expand our business presence by selling directly on and

Do we need to register for VAT even though we don’t have a physical presence in UK?

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  1. Geoff says:

    The HMRC gospel:
    "If you’re a VAT-registered business outside the UK but in another European Union (EU) country and you sell and deliver goods to customers in the UK or the Isle of Man who aren’t VAT-registered – and don’t have to be registered – then you’re ‘distance selling’. For example, you might sell goods through the Internet or a through a mail order catalogue. Sales you make to customers who are VAT-registered don’t count as distance sales. Businesses that distance sell into the UK have to register for UK VAT if the value of their distance sales is more than £70,000 in a year. If you distance sell excise goods like alcohol and tobacco then you’ll have to register for UK VAT and Excise Duty no matter how much your sales are worth."
    "Distance selling only occurs when goods are sold from one EU country to another. So if you’re outside the EU and you sell goods to customers in the UK then this is never distance selling for VAT purposes. Note that the Channel Islands are not part of the EU. However, your customers should be aware that they may have to pay UK import VAT on the goods when they arrive in the UK. They may also have to pay duty."
    So if you have no presence anywhere in European Union. you do NOT register for VAT – it is collected from your customers by HMRC at time of import.

  2. James Smith says:

    It’ll definitely help you. You can check this:

  3. mαskєd lαndlσrd says:

    No, you can not register for VAT.

    Your customers will be charged VAT (plus an admin fee) at the time of delivery for any shipment over GBP £18. (IRO $33)

    Obviously, you don’t charge your local sales tax.

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