Do I Have Legal Protection After Purchasing A Rip-off?

I’m a beginner photographer who don’t now much about gadget pricing. I was window shopping in NYC on Black Friday and went into a camera shop. The salesman tried to sell me a unfamiliar Japanese-branded wide angle lens that he brought up a website showing the original price is $3000. He sold me at $1200 after black friday discount.
I took it home and found out the website he showed me was not legit. The lens I bought is only in the price range of $45-$100. The brand shown on the website was not legit either.
I came back to the store and asked to return it. They didn’t accept return and only exchange. I found out that other products in their store is marked up 200-300% of their market value. So if I exchange to some other lens marked at around $1000 in their store, it’s only worth $200-$300 outside.
Do I have any legal protection in this matter? Can I sue them? I really want my money back

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