Do I Have The Right To Get My Money Back?

I bought a video game from a game store for the Wii, when I returned home to try it out, the disc wouldn’t read on my Wii. I returned to the store to get my money back because the game doesn’t work on my Wii, instead the employee gave me a voucher of the money that I paid to buy that game? I paid money for that game, how can they offer me a game that wouldn’t work on my console?
I didn’t reason with him because I felt like I could make more sense to the branch manager, once he’s there, which is tomorrow. Do you think I have the right to get my money back?

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2 Responses to “Do I Have The Right To Get My Money Back?”

  1. Micah says:

    You should be able to get money back for a product you bought. But id say only if it didnt work without you damaging it.

  2. mr. wallace says:

    it depends on that stores return policy. some stores wont let you return it but will let you exchange it for the same game or something of equal value.

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