Do I have to lighten my hair more before dying it lilac?

I’ve bleached my hair and it’s currently like a strawberry blonde colour. Still a little bit brassy. I want to get this lilac dye
but will I get the desired colour if I don’t bleach my hair to be more white?

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3 Responses to “Do I have to lighten my hair more before dying it lilac?”

  1. Alicia Manila says:

    nope you don’t have to lighten it. Dying your hair too often can cause permanent damage to the hair, resulting in hairloss. So just dye it lilac, you dont have to lighten it first. The results will be the same. Gd luck! Lilac hair is cool xD

  2. Lolly Pop says:

    that dye is red…

  3. Jo says:

    This note is on the web site you indicated:

    Please Note: Silver & White Toner shades are intended for use on Bleached Hair Only. However, White Toner can be mixed with the other shades to create a lighter tone.

    It doesn’t say it will be exact but that it will be lighter if the White Toner is mixed with the other shades. It’s worth a try before bleaching your hair white.

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