Do I have to pay my out of plan contract charges?

Long story shot, 2 weeks ago I received 3 text messages saying that I had purchased 3 different videos at £5 each, I hadn’t done anything of the sort, I’m signed up to things like wowcher, groupon so occasionally I get spam texts, therefore I just put it down to spam and ignored it, my conscious was clean I knew I hadn’t requested any videos. However someone is trying to bill my pay monthly account and are asking for £15. Which point blankly I refuse to pay as I didn’t sign up for these videos. How do I go about reverting the charges? As paying it is not an option 2 reasons being I can’t afford to lose out on £15 and secondly I didn’t sign up for them.

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One Response to “Do I have to pay my out of plan contract charges?”

  1. Julius says:

    Speak with your carrier. I read something about this some weeks ago and it is a scam of some type.
    Sorry I can’t remember the exact details.

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