Do I Need A Fan For My Cpu? (new Pc)?

This is my CPU:
do i need anything else to go with it? a fan? a cooler? or anything else you recommend?
On a quick note: Can someone please recommend me a really nice looking case for my PC? (White colour if you can) (same website if possible)
My motherboard:
You think i should get a better motherboard? :/
Looking for a nice fast PC 🙂

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2 Responses to “Do I Need A Fan For My Cpu? (new Pc)?”

  1. Bringing Salvation says:

    have you bought anything yet if you havent forget that cpu and contact me

  2. spikeydj says:

    its best if you get a fan for the chasis case of the PC.
    be on the safe side, you dont want it to get overheated and then blow up the CPU :/

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