Do i need the ps3 disc to play on PS4?

I’m getting a ps4 in couple of weeks. One of my friends bought AC4: Black Flag on PS3. He’s not getting the PS4, so he gave me the discount code to upgrade from PS3 to ps4. I was reading it and it said i need the disc. I doubt my friend will give me the disc, so, is the code useless if i dont have the PS3 game disc? Do i need to have the ps3 disc to play on ps4? Also, how does the upgrading work?

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One Response to “Do i need the ps3 disc to play on PS4?”

  1. Nobel Doge says:

    Correct, you have to use the PS3 disc in order to play the upgraded versions. They did that to keep people from just buying the PS3 game, taking the code, and getting rid of the game for a $10 PS4 game.

    The way it works is when you use the code on PS3, you can then buy the $10 upgrade. Then you go to your download list on your PS4 and get the download. You then have it on your PS4, but you need to insert the PS3 disc whenever you want to play it.

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