Do I Need To Upgrade My Power Supply For More Watts?

Ok basically to make it easy i have this computer -
but the only thing that is changed is the graphics card which is -
apart from that it’s all the same, i brought this graphics card of a friend and want to change the radeon one for this one –
And when i put it in my computer the screen just stays black and won’t connect, it’s on and stuff but flicks from analog, digital and hdmi or something i believe, i can’t remember fully. And i know that my power supply is only 300 watts so is it that? as the graphics card probably needs more? Can someone just confirm this and if it is what power supply will fit my case and will be a good one to get but cheap just so it has more watts? If someone could have a look for me it would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

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2 Responses to “Do I Need To Upgrade My Power Supply For More Watts?”

  1. Dr Redthumb says:

    that systen has a 300w power supply in, the system requirement for the card says minimum 400watts, so yes, you need a new power supply.
    I ran a system with not enough power in it once, it was ok for a few weeks, then one day in the middle of a game, there was an enormous bang and it all went dead. When I opened the case up, there were little bits of silver foil everywhere from the capacitor which had exploded inside the psu. I’m lucky that was all the damage it did to the pc really.
    As to your screen being black, you probably need to go into the bios and tell it to stop trying to use the on board graphics.
    power supplies in tower cases are generally a standard size, so any regular psu should fit, something like this will do you fine if you are not planning further upgrades and just want a cheap psu…
    something like this one is a little more expensive, but is 80 plus bronze certified so is a bit better…
    – the fans are generally on the bottom, the pictures are just shown that way because you can see the fan if they turn it over, they suck air out of the case and push it over the transformer before blowing it out the back where you plug the power cable in. The power cable is generally situated at the very top left hand corner as you face the back of the case, this is a standard design to which they virtually all conform, your psu may be mounted in a different orientation, but you can just mount the new one in the same place because the holes for the screws are standardized as well. Notice how the two screw holes on the edge next to the fan are set right at the corners, but the screw holes at the other corners are offset, a bit, this is to make sure the unit can only be mounted 1 way.
    if you click on the image of the psu in the second link, there are a number of small photo’s there showing it in several orientations, compare these to the psu in your pc.

  2. Bringing Salvation says:

    so that you will not have to replace your power supply again period i recomend this
    gx 650w this power supply is the cheapest
    power supply isnt just measured by watts its measured by the A level
    you dont want a power supply with a 12v rail with a rating under 30A
    plus stick to single rail 12v rail power supplys or duel with 12v 30A each rail
    below is a good rated rail psu and it will last you ages…
    other recomendations
    measure your rear fan on your case it will be either 120mm or 92mm…
    put either fan you buy to max speed it will suck out all the excess heat from the case from adding a new gpu keeping you pc inside cool

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