Do last minute flight deals really exist?

I’m planning to travel from Singapore to Sydney in July, and I want to book the flights now, but my boyfriend says we’ll get a better deal if we book it a few days/weeks before. I’m worried most of the flights will be sold out, but is it true that you can save a significant amount of cash by booking last minute?

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5 Responses to “Do last minute flight deals really exist?”

  1. CC says:

    yes, but you may not get the day and time you want . And you may have to deal with 2 or more stops which can add a lot of extra time to your travel. You do save some money but in most cases it is not worth all the pains . And in your case since it is international you could have a problem getting two tickets . Last minutes deals are good when you are super flexible , If you wait too long to get a flight it could land up costing more than booking a few weeks ahead . Most of the airlines charge the same for the same flight and the price does not drop much.

  2. David I says:

    it’s called a stand-by, where you wait in the airport and hope there is a spot for you two.

  3. LOL2K8 says:

    nope , just stand-by & drop in flights ! its impossible to have a ”last minute” flight. :/

  4. potatochip says:

    I would book the tickets at least 14 days in advance and be done with it. Trying to wait until the last minute to buy the tickets will not guarantee a lower fare and can cause conflict in your relationship if the price does go up, which I anticipate it will if you wait too long.

  5. Neil says:

    You’re right,; your boyfriend is wrong. Yes, last minute deals really exist. They can be great, if your time is flexible, for a spur of the moment trip to a random destination you might otherwise not have planned to go to.

    For a trip at at particular time, to a particular destination the risk is very high that either you will just not be able to go, or you will go but pay several times as much.

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