Do Marks & Spencers slimming underwear work?

Would it be worth the money to by some slimming underwear & also a new bra from Marks & Spencers. I need some to go with a new outfit for sat nite!

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  1. lbaker2656 says:

    They had an article on This Morning yesterday with Trinny and Susannah. They tried different control undies and the models lost at least an inch on their target areas eg tummy, thighs. They dont look attractive but do work! Also a good properly fitted bra is a must! Amazing the difference! So go ahead and look sexy sat night!

  2. a beautiful lie says:

    Control pants from any store work, but buying good quality ones from M&S are more likely to look feminine and keep you firmer and trimmer all night. I think the prices are relatively cheap for the good quality lingerie they sell, so my answer is go for it.

  3. ! says:

    Slimming garments work by squashing and flattening your fat. They’re uncomfortable, and only barely better than their misogynist throwback counterpart: the whalebone corset that caused countless women to faint for beauty. These days we prefer to die for beauty by starving ourselves, but I’m getting off-track. Instead of spending your hard-earned money on torture devices, buy a good fitting bra, and learn tips and tricks for dressing to flatter your figure (whatever it may be). The ‘What Not to Wear’ website from the BBC has a great questionnaire about body type, and then offers advice for wearing clothes that flatter. Life is too short to be uncomfortably breathless.

  4. fi ♠ says:

    the best ones ever are from jml believe it or not
    they look TERRIBLE but once your dressed they are fabulous
    if you are in for a night of passion just make sure you whip em off first!!
    i know lots of people who wear these, and the one thing they say is that they hold you in in all the right places, lift your butt and dont disperse and excess elsewhere, they dont know where it goes, but it does!

  5. Lori Dawn says:

    Spanx slimmers work really well.

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