Do Morrisons Sell Cocktail Mix Pouches?

I get my food shopping from my local Morrisons – I’m also going for the vouchers they have on at the moment where if I spend £40 per week, which is my usual amount, I get a £30 off voucher at Christmas.
I am getting a family member a cocktail making set for her Christmas. I wanted to get her some cocktail mix pouches for her stocking to go along with it, but the Morrisons site doesn’t have a user friendly search facility.
I have looked on Asda and found 3 pouches but it’s two bus rides away and it would be much easier for me to get them at Morrisons, although I don’t know if they even sell them.
I’m going for my food on Friday night; if anyone knows that they DO sell them, please let me know before then and if possible, which flavours or what they charge, as I REALLY don’t have much spare to spend.
I don’t have telephone access now so I can’t phone up the stores, and as I said, the Morrisons search function is nearly non existent.

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One Response to “Do Morrisons Sell Cocktail Mix Pouches?”

  1. Pulsar says:

    cocktail mix pouches are ready made cocktails.
    surely the point of having a cocktail set is
    so you can make your own cocktails.
    would it not be better to get a half bottle of vodka and a half bottle of malibu,
    or something along those lines.
    or get quarter bottles and get some rum also.

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