Do Next Staff Recieve Discount? Job ?

I have just got a job in next, and im just wondering would i recieve discount?
hey thanks for the answers!
Im starting at the Manchester branch 🙂
I love next clothes, hehe!

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3 Responses to “Do Next Staff Recieve Discount? Job ?”

  1. GemGem says:

    Yes you do. you get 25% discount to spend at any store on anything next branded. also you get a uniform allowance of 75% at the start of each season so spring/summer and autumn/winter but that depends on how many hours you do and how may shifts a week to how much you get at 75% discount. which is great!!

    Which store have you got a job at?

  2. luciene says:

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  3. **Kesha** says:

    hiya yes you do, i cant remember how much though, you get a uniform allowance based on how many hours you work a week. but you can only get new uniform every season. if you leave before the season ends you have to return the clothes.

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