Do Obamaians Think That Obama Will Continue Social Programs?

Are they aware of just who is funding these programs now, and what kind of liberties that “bank” is taking with the security of the U.S. because of its debt holdings? Hint: It’s not American workers largely funding these programs. Does a limit exist to what Obamaians think Obama can do about this little issue? “Social programs” includes Social Security and Medicare.
Do you think because Democrats have been mysteriously silent about the issue of these programs, that they’re not going to do the SAME thing as Republicans (voucher program), or, what they will probably do – let them run out, and say, “no more” once our “bank” says it’s over? If you depended on Obama to keep your SS going, you’ve been had. Republicans wanted workers at least to be able to keep their own money instead of it going to our “bank” for our debt. That is who will be getting the rest of the SS money paid in, NOT those elderly and others who actually paid into the system and are now getting benefits from it.
Asian-American – we ARE the 13% (highest income earners by race in the U.S.)!

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6 Responses to “Do Obamaians Think That Obama Will Continue Social Programs?”

  1. Right Lane Ends - Merge Left! says:

    Obama will continue to do what is best for the American people as a whole.

  2. Jim says:

    What’s an Obamaian? Is that where Cleveland is?

  3. Beau Nobo says:

    Is your tinfoil hat on too tight? You seem a little grumpy.

  4. Beowulf says:

    get laid!

  5. Mittens says:

    No Republicans wanted only the rich to keep their own money. They wanted to increase taxes on all but the wealthiest Americans.

  6. Albert C says:

    Adrian – You make a very good point, but do you really believe that those that voted for 0blunder are going to understand what you are saying? All these people understand is that the (Messiah) is going to give them free money and benifits, but as you well know somebody is going to have to earn the taxas dollars that pays for 0blunders give aways. My only question is when no one has a job where is the (Messiah) going to get the money from, his Hollywood Pals, yeah I’m sure that’s it.

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