Do People Sell Halloween Masks In Runescape? Runescape Questions!?

I am thinking about saving up my money to buy one. I have 43mill and am thinking about buying 40 mill in gold. I have bought gold before so I know the website is safe. I just dont know if anyone else is selling them. Could they be on sale in the grand exchange? Also what is considered rich now a days in runescape and is the christmas tree hat the next rare?

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One Response to “Do People Sell Halloween Masks In Runescape? Runescape Questions!?”

  1. Mike says:

    Well yes, people sell rares ( including masks) a lot. You can easily get it on ge. I think it’s about 97-99m right now. As for rich? I mean that’s differen for everyone. Maybe 200m? But I mean I’d get yours stats up first like herblore and prayer which is quite abut, maybe 400m. So being rich, maybe 1B. Keep in mind 1m is a lot to some whole pennies to others. As for the tree hat, it is discontinued now so it may be a rare now. I’ve seen it selling recently around 18-25m. Hope I helped!

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