Do pushchairs and travel system prices get slashed during the boxing day and new year sales?

Should I just wait to buy one then?

I aim to order online, but may still get out to buy one…should I buy from the Christmas sales, or wait for boxing and new year sales?

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4 Responses to “Do pushchairs and travel system prices get slashed during the boxing day and new year sales?”

  1. SAM H - baby boy 10/1/09 says:

    some do, it depends as they bring out a new range of colours and ranges, what i found that even in one range – we got the silver cross 3d, there were deals and offers on some colour ranges but not on others, check from shop to shop as the deals vary and don’t be afraid to play one company off against another – particularly if it a small chain doesn’t work with babies r us.

    we got ours from babies r us a week before Christmas as it was on an offer that was running out just after xmas, good job we did as boy decided to come early.

    if your in uk even though it is expensive normally have a quick look at john lewis as they price match etc and can be competitive on some tings and kiddicare uk, babies r us have good deals and mothercare, some deals you will only find in store and others only on line.

    whatever you do do go to a shop first and look at the type etc that you want and narrow it down to a few models that you would be happy with don’t want to end up spending money on something you not happy with

    good luck:)

  2. Brie says:


  3. Paula says:

    Yeah, everything tends to drop in price, as the newer ones come in, they have to get rid of current stock.

  4. Mrs T - Ellie is due 20th Jan! says:

    Hey hun, a friend of mine has been advised to come back to the shop in the January sales as the prices of current stock drop. I bought my 8 in 1 pram when the prices were low for it, if it was me, Id wait until the January sales 🙂 or if the pram you like is already on sale or at a lower price, go for it! Congrats and good luck! XXX

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