Do retired army people get discounts on things?

I was just wondering if retired people get discounts at stores like walmart, supermarkets, things like that.

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  1. John U says:

    Some places will others don’t care. Stores like Home Depot give you a 10% military discount and I use that a lot. I buy a lot of electrical supplies, boxes, wire, switches and the whole nine yards and it does a world of good to my bottom line at the same time. Not sure if Lowes does but then again, I never asked…yet. There are many hotel chains that give discounts for military. Holiday Inn, Days Inn etc. but even if I don’t stop there I will still ask and many do give that 10% discount, some don’t but you’ll never know unless you ask, the worst they can say is No. 🙂
    Other than that there aren’t many places that I know of outside of those. On Veterans Day places like Applebees and Golden Corral offer free meals to military ID card holders but I’ve never gone there. I did drive by one time just because I was traveling that way and you couldn’t fit a popcorn kernel in the parking lot so better to let it go sometimes. 🙂 Sometimes too they will give an Active Duty discount but not a retiree. I went to Lackland to visit my daughter and my son was in the Navy at the time and he came with me. On the way back we stopped at the Mobile Bay ship memorial thing in Alabama and my son got in free with his active duty ID, I had to pay twenty bucks even though I was retired military. That’s about it or all I know but again, sometimes I might just be somewhere and I’ll ask if they give a military discount if I have an inkling they might and some do, many others don’t.

  2. Tiegan says:

    google it dude. 🙂

  3. LTCgross says:

    Stores are private entities and they can choose to give discounts to anyone they would like based on nearly any criteria. There are plenty of stores who give discounts only to active duty service members and some who give discounts to retired service members. I don’t think you will find any who only give discounts to "army people". They generally don’t differentiate between Sailors and Soldiers.

  4. mgan says:

    Depends on the store!

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