Do Romney Ryan Believe That Medicare For The Hardworking Middle Class Under 55 Is An Entitlement Program?

Romney and Ryan want to turn Medicare into a voucher system for Americans under 55 for when they qualify for Medicare. (SEE details in LINK)
Meaning that if YOU are 54 years old and you paid into medicare all your life , “TOO bad”, you don’t get it, but you do get to KEEP paying for it for those over 55.

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8 Responses to “Do Romney Ryan Believe That Medicare For The Hardworking Middle Class Under 55 Is An Entitlement Program?”

  1. TrueCons says:

    It is an entitlement program by definition. Medicare pays out more than it takes in. Medicare is BANKRUPT!

  2. Barry Chameleon says:


  3. serenaz says:

    The Health Care Industry lobby groups have them by the short and curlies … AND … of course you are part of Romney’s 48% of ‘freeloaders’ … words out of his own mouth … !

  4. cry baby liberal says:

    They want to give you a CHOICE, to keep it like it is or use a voucher. Now you have no choice

  5. Sisyphus says:

    Yes. But the entitlements and welfare doled out to rich bankers and corporations is somehow not.
    Go figure.
    And it will not go bankrupt, so long as there is a workforce able to pay into the system. Medicare needs to be expanded, not privatized or abolished. It’s an important safety net that our country needs, especially since people are growing older and living longer.

  6. isl247 says:

    I don’t see this stuff as “entitlements” any more than the 401k, sick days, and health insurance I get at work are entitlements. These are the things that make our country a great place to live. Start cutting out all the benefits and America just ain’t the America we love.

  7. Shaniqua says:

    Did you read on yahoo news that the obama calls receiving social security is a entitlement , thats right if you worked your whole life and ready to retire the obama group has lately called S.S. AN ENTITLEMENT..

  8. The Prophet says:

    Medicare is a socialistic program that people were forced to participate in. It is NOT working and so it MUST be reformed. Allowing the initiation of this obvious pyramid scheme was a mistake from its onset and that is what results from enacting laws based upon emotions and not on the practical.

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