Do Service Members Who Are Pcs’ng Get A Travel Voucher Upon Arrival At Their Next Duty Station?

We left Hawaii on June 14th. Before we left, my husband got an advance on his DLA (he got 80% of it). On this check, he received his advanced TLA. We flew from Hawaii to Arizona to pick up our car and then drove cross country to his new base in Kentucky.
He used his GTC to pay for hotels, gas and food from Hawaii to here. He is signing into post tomorrow to begin in-processing. I know he’ll have a finance brief too but I’m not sure if he gets a travel voucher or not. Is a travel voucher the same as DLA and TLA or is it something completely different? I’m asking because he was told to file a travel voucher when he arrives at Campbell and then do something called a split disbursement to make sure the GTC is paid off but I didn’t know if a travel voucher was the same thing as DLA or TLA. We only used a minimal amount on his GTC; we did not even close to max it out and only used it for what we were told it was authorized for. I’m hoping we get a travel voucher so we can pay it off..I’m not sure how it works though. I’m not very good with PCS finances and that type of thing so any info helpful!

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