Do students get a discount on ipods?

Im a student at a london university. I know that apple have some offers for students, but is there a discount on ipods. If so, how much? Im looking at the 2nd generation nanos.

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  1. Pinkmunkee says:

    Yes. Phone up Apple and they give you discount I think it’s about 8% or something, I bought mine about a year ago, if you try to do it on the website you have to do it froma computer that is online or linked to the univeristy system for it to work. I called them and they asked for my university and my NUS number. The number to call is on the apple website hope this helps!

  2. huggywell says:

    Some student Union cards will give you a discount in certain shops but you will need to find out from the Uni or your friends.

  3. bhaijaanfahd says:

    I think you should consult this with your professor or head chancellor (or head). You can also consult with a member of your student union.

  4. Sean Meyler says:


  5. feefee says:

    check if there are any shops that offer student discounts

  6. Drakokat says:

    Just go to, and see if your university is listed. Even if they aren’t you might be able to go to an apple store and get the discount. Not sure how much the discount is for the UK, but the US does offer discounted iPods, so I imagine the UK probably does as well.

  7. lauriekins says:

    Apple give a 10% academic discount in the US, so it would be hypocritical (but not unprecedented) for them not to offer the same service in the UK – visit your local Apple store or give them a call.

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