Do students get any kind of discount for medication?

I’m 18 and a 1st year university student in the UK. I have a bladder infection and I need antibiotics to cure it. If I go to the doctor and he prescribes me them would I get a discount or would I have to pay the full price now I’m over 18? What would the cost usually be? I don’t mind paying, just wondering if I’m entitled to any kind of discount.

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One Response to “Do students get any kind of discount for medication?”

  1. EMMA C says:

    If you are 18 and still in full time education, you should still be able to get your prescriptions free. Once you turn 19, you should be able to get them cheaper as you are on a low income. Get form HC1 from the NHS and fill it in to see if you qualify. There are some details on link below. Make sure you get the infection treated sooner rather than later, irrespective of the cost, or the infection could get worse! Good luck.

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