Do supermarkets take vouchers for products you haven't bought?

I have loads of money off vouchers but I don’t want the products, can I use the vouchers anyway to reduce my shopping bill?

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15 Responses to “Do supermarkets take vouchers for products you haven't bought?”

  1. im an er says:

    sainsbury often take them with or without product,always hand them in when new person on till they seem to just take them without checking—- i try them every week sometimes works—best of luck

  2. WomenHater says:


  3. kokopelli says:


  4. kj says:

    they can only be used for the products they are meant for

  5. Sherilynne B says:

    They aren’t supposed to but if you are friendly with the checker she usually will.

  6. joannie says:

    No they wont, but Tesco takes Sainsburys money off coupons.

  7. Denise says:

    NO :)x

  8. Stitch says:

    nope they are only for the product on the voucher.

  9. Debbie H says:

    No. If that were the case we’d all have a zero bill at the store. Heck, they’d owe me by the time I was done.

  10. Suzanne E says:

    try going to asda. they usually do.good luck

  11. vmoore708 says:

    Most store computers now tell the cashier which products were not purchased with the voucher, therefor….no

  12. shipleyst says:

    come to my shop, i will take any vouchers.

  13. kasiopc says:

    If you use a self-scanning machine (at Tesco or Asda) you can apparently use any voucher off coupon and it will deduct it from your shopping.

  14. Mildred S says:

    with most products being barcoded / scanned into the system to track the sale / inventory , it is difficult to redeem a coupon that you are not buying an item.

    there might be away for the check out clerk to over ride it and take the deduction …. but …. it’s such little money … and it’s not really ethical.

    i wouldn’t ask her / him to do this .

  15. nooka says:

    Asda do but only if it doesn’t equal more than certain percentage of your bill. Personally, I would feel a bit cheeky using a voucher for something that i had not bought but my Auntie does it. The supermarket claim the money back from the company anyway.

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