Do Tesco accept money off vouchers when you don't buy that product?

I was just in my local Tesco superstore this morning, the guy in front of me purchase a single HP Ink Cartridge which cost £19.95. He proceeded to hand the checkout assistant handfuls of money off coupons cut from newspapers, magazine etc. In the end he ended up paying £2.00 for his cartridge.

I am intrigued that this can be done, the guy obviously didn’t by the bread, beans etc etc to get the money off. The till was simply taking off the vouchers from his single ink cartridge purchase.

If this is the case – I’m off the get snipping!!
Thanks for the answers so far….but just to clarify:

The gentleman ONLY purchase 1 x HP print cartridge. The total of his item came to £19.95. The cashier scanned all kinds of vouchers through, those I noticed were 10p off Flora marg, 50p off Colgate etc etc. As these vouchers were being scanned, his total was going down and down. Once the cashier had scanned all of the vouchers in, the total remaining for him to pay was £2. He HAD NOT purchased Colgate or marg, or any other item but received the money off his cartridge none the less….

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  1. Steve B says:

    It is stated on the Voucher that the retailer (eg. Supermarket) will get paid by the promoters of the ‘special offer’ only if they take the voucher for that specific product …

    … and that is what the Supermarket Cashier (or Management) will tell you IF YOU ASK ..

    However, it is well known that MOST Supermarkets will take any vouchers irrespective of you buying the product … just so long as you don’t draw attention to the fact that you didn’t buy the product and and just so long as they (the Supermarket) do actually stock that product (after all, how is anyone ever going to show they didn’t take the voucher from some other Customer who DID buy the product (before or after you in the queue) ?)

    The problem is (of course) that a lot of Vouchers found in Magazines are for products that the Supermarkets don’t stock …

  2. gumsy says:

    That seems rather odd to me. It shouldn’t be the case.
    Maybe the cashier knows the guy and is doing him a sneaky favour.

  3. dumplingmuffin says:

    yes and so do waitrose and sommerfield,as long as they stock that item.they will get their money back as not everyone uses coupons and still buy the beans etc

  4. RichB says:

    I don’t quite understand the question.

    If the coupon says "20p off a tin of beans" then surely it’s only valid if you actually buy beans, they’re not going to let you have 20p off a bottle of Coke instead.

    Otherwise, the voucher would just say "20p off", it wouldn’t specify a product.

    Either the checkout assistant was not following store policy (in which case they risk a b*ll*cking and may get sacked), OR you misunderstood the nature of this gentleman’s purchase.

    There MAY be a rule whereby if that particular store doesn’t have the item on the coupon in stock, they’ll accept the coupon in exchange for a different item. That could be what happened here.

  5. starlight says:

    most till will not accept the vouchers if the items have not been scanned for purchase. i worked at tesco for 5 years (left last year ) and when i was there like i said if the item hadnt been scanned through the till then the coupon wasnt accepted , so no money could be taken off.

    there was no way to get around it . im not saying your wrong in what u saw, just seems odd because there was no way it could happen.

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