Do the countries whose soldiers are in Iraq get a discount on the oil?

How does this work? If the soldiers are dying to protect Iraqi freedom – Do the countries who send these soldiers get a discount on the oil as opposed to other countries whose soldiers are not there?
What r yr views?

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9 Responses to “Do the countries whose soldiers are in Iraq get a discount on the oil?”

  1. Neo says:

    they should get oil for free actually

    good question

  2. Ollie says:

    No its gone up.

  3. lisa_swarn says:

    well I am a veteran and my husband just got back from Iraq. There is no discount. If there was then why do gas prices keep rising in America? We have the most soldiers over there LOL

  4. honey_toast_and_chocolate says:

    They don’t need a discount, they just steal it. What do you think are the soldiers there for??? The mission is not to protect Iraqi freedom, the mission is to liberate the oil. Don’t forget: Operation Iraqi Liberation. What does that spell??? OIL. lol I couldn’t resist. David Rovics points that out in his song about this. And he’s right of course, but the irony is too funny.

  5. Home Girl says:

    All these sacastic comments about war. Why don’t we just bring our boys and girls home and let them fight it out amongst themselves.

  6. tuddy says:

    the yanks get far more than a discount. they get to sell the oil in dollars again, rather than in euros, as was happening before saddam was removed, hence part of the reason why he was removed

  7. NetAdvisor says:

    No. No foreign government gets a discount on oil. Iraq sells oil (gas) to their own people at about 5-15 cents a gallon translated into USD.

    The US is the world’s biggest buyer of oil. We are paying market rates, currently about $110 bbl.

  8. ponysteel says:

    What oil? One of the effects of the Iraq massacre by the USA has been to stop most of the oil production in that country. Thus the world price of oil has risen and that is just what Bush and his cronies in Big Oil wanted all along!

  9. Moscow says:

    Oil isn’t Arabic. It is a worldwide commodity.

    The world has a right to an open uninterrupted supply of oil.

    Would you trust an Arab/ Islamic dictatorship to trade fairly with oil ?

    America is trying to help Iraqis bring stability to the region. This is being undermined by al-quaeda and inter-muslim conflicts.

    You’d be the first to complain if the Iraqi oilfields ceased production!

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