Do The Leftists, Secular Humanists, And Atheists Really Think They Can Keep Attacking Religious Freedom?

Dear Wal-Mart,
Today is May 18 and I just got back from your store. When I
walked in, no one said “Merry Christmas” to me. Not the greeter. Not
the cashier.
This bothered me so much, because my faith in Jesus Christ needs to
renewed each and every day by having Wal-Mart employees say “Merry
Christmas” to me.
So, I went to the manager and said “Merry Christmas” to him. He said
“uh, yeah… thanks…” Sounds like he’s some sort of atheist
Christ-hater, because he didn’t say “Merry Christmas” back to me. Or
maybe he’s in league with Satan himself, since any good American would
know that Jesus Christ is our Lord and that saying “Merry Christmas”
is REQUIRED at least 10 times per day, every single day. Or else God
is going to send a plague on all us.
When Al Qaeda sends us another attack, you know who will be to blame?
Wal-Mart. Because God is upset that that their employees don’t say
“Merry Christmas.” It will be all your fault when that dirty bomb
You have taken the Christ out of my life. I must demand that you
require every employee to seek me out and to say “Merry Christmas” to
me when I’m in your store.
Thank you my Lord, Jesus Christ, for allowing dying for my sins and
dying so that I could my gallon jugs of grape High-C at discount
prices. Please do not send your wrath because Wal-Mart wants to
destroy Christianity and to extinguish you from our lives.
Amen. FACT.

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11 Responses to “Do The Leftists, Secular Humanists, And Atheists Really Think They Can Keep Attacking Religious Freedom?”

  1. Joe Harris says:

    they are alway attack it

  2. team says:

    Is a made-up complaint letter written by liberals the only thing you got?

  3. Matthew says:

    Wam-lart is a private corporation.
    What wam-lart does has very little to do with your freedoms.

  4. bobemac says:

    Their souls will be damned if they do..

  5. Felonious Monkey says:

    Know what’s fun? Creating extreme parodies of your opponent then attacking those parodies.

  6. Liberal Shark says:

    I’m a liberal and I don’t attack religious freedom therefore I proved you false. You really need to stop judging people.

  7. Brown951 says:

    Speakin of dirty bombs… Tom Cruise has a new movie out.
    He’s from Canada y’know.

  8. Humans are Viruses says:

    I know this is a joke. Lol. Anyway to the people who actually think that the lack of religion in public places means their religion is being attacked just think of how other religions are being slighted when Christianity is placed in our faces. Religion is a personal choice and a personal thing, it doesn’t need to be everywhere. You can celebrate whatever you like but just don’t expect Christianity to be the default religion. Not everyone is a Christian and thank goodness they aren’t.

  9. Punartha says:

    So sad !

  10. Ollicopt says:


  11. Bopped says:

    Glad to see you’ve recovered from the wounds you received in the War on Easter. We lost a lot of good soldiers in the big Spring Egg Hunt ambush.

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