Do These New Car Audio Parts Work Together Please Help!!!?

5 channel amp
speakers 2 for front 2 for rear
1 subwoofer
stereo system

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One Response to “Do These New Car Audio Parts Work Together Please Help!!!?”

  1. PimpMyRi says:

    Your selected components will work very well together and should provide considerably better quality sound than a typical stock system.
    JVC, Pioneer, and Kenwood all make good quality and reliable products.
    The 5th channel output from the JVC amp is well-suited for the Pioneer Champion sub. The sub is rated to handle up to 250 watts RMS and the amp outputs 200 watts RMS into a 4 ohm load (5th channel).
    I’d recommend that you put your specific vehicle information into Crutchfield’s “outfit my car” feature to make sure that the head unit and speakers fit properly. Some vehicles may not have enough depth for some head units.
    You’ll need an 8 gauge amp wiring kit and an enclosure for the sub, both also available from Crutchfield.
    If you are a first-time purchaser at Crutchfield you can get a $20 discount off a $200 order if you use a “friend referral code” such as mine, which is: p7sdj-hrx8q-9800g, plus free shipping. You’ll also get the correct wiring harness, dash kit (if required), and antenna and speaker adapters (again, if required) at no additional cost. Crutchfield shipping is free. Installation support is available and lifetime technical support is standard.

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