Do U Have Any Potty Training Puppy Apartments For Sale?

i am looking for a potty training puppy apartment for sale medium size.can you please tell me some sites except the original site i need it for cheeper price.

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8 Responses to “Do U Have Any Potty Training Puppy Apartments For Sale?”

  1. Belle33 says:

    The Potty Training Puppy Apartment (aka PTPA) has been the best investment I have made in my dog. The PTPA is only available through their website and I know they have a patent on it, so no other companies are able to make or sell them. I know they offer a monthly payment plan if you have a limited budget. Also, if you ask them for a coupon code for a discount, they will probably give you one.
    My dog is totally potty trained with the PTPA and I have no odors in my house. Dogs hate going outside when the weather is bad and I’m thankful I had the PTPA for last winter and this winter. When the weather is nice or when I take my dog for a walk, he knows it’s okay to also potty outside. He never has accidents in my home and he knows that he only has one spot in my home that he is allowed to potty. I also never have to rush home to let him out to potty.
    People are so used to the old-fashioned way of potty training and I always believe that keeping an open mind to new and better ways of doing things is the wise way to think. If a dog is properly trained, it will do whatever you want it to do. The free PTPA Instructional DVD will show you how to properly train your dog to use the PTPA and also to be able to potty outside if you want that option. I have a full-time job and simply could not let my puppy outside every 1-2 hours, plus it’s freezing outside now!
    The PTPA is different from crate training. Most people consider crate training to be cruel. No dog or person ever wants to be forced to have to hold it. In addition, a dog that holds it too long could develop health/bladder issues. My dog knows how to hold it until he is able to trot over to the bathroom section of his PTPA.
    My dog uses it just like the dogs in the YouTube video, which is what sold me in the beginning. I like the fact that their video actually shows real dogs using it, which is what convinced me before I bought it, that it definitely works. I would highly recommend the PTPA!

  2. Mignon F says:

    How cheap do you want the crate to be? Other thing, if you buy a used crate, you better plan on cleaning it well with bleach before you ever put your pup in it to avoid your pup from getting infected by who knows what.
    Medium crates aren’t that expensive. Crates aren’t for potty training either, that’s your job to assist in taking your pup out when needed & yes, accidents will happen but, if you pay attention to the pup, they will be far & few between.

  3. Nekkid Truth! says:

    its useless
    it trains the dog to piss in its crate, and piss in the house
    the point of crate training, is that you do NOT want the dog to piss in the crate. Dogs dont like to pee where they sleep. Get a crate small enough for the dog to turn around and lay down- no bigger! This will force the pup to “hold it” for a short time until you can get him out to pee.
    you want the dog to pee OUTSIDE

  4. Jane speaks says:

    I find those very useless
    It’s a crate
    With a divider that has a hole in it
    What’s the point exactly?

  5. Iris says:

    What’s a potty training puppy apartment?

  6. hills says:

    Lol @belle33…… Clearly sponsored. You their spokesperson of something?

  7. all about cali says:


  8. FidosCit says:

    Use less item, either crate train or confin to a small room and train to potty pads.

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