Do women really get a raw deal in the workplace?

I must admit that to a large extent I think it’s a myth that women get a raw deal in the workplace. Every time I listen to Radio 4, all I hear is "women are getting a raw deal in the workplace".

If you look at many office professions like HR, Public Relations, Marketing, secretarial and even recruitment consultancy it’s predominantly female. I’ve worked in 3 major offices before, one at a bank and another at a government department and on both occasions men were in the minority. Secretarial I can understand, but I’ve never understood why HR is predominantly female because I’m sure that there are men who could do the job just as well.

Have we just replaced one inequality for another?

Furthermore I find that women can actually get away with a lot more in the workplace, whereas if a man did some of the things they did (like running down men "oh he can’t multi task) he did they would consider it ‘sexist’. Also, I’ve noticed that if there’s a male manager and you’ve got a new female member of staff that requires a bit of help at first, he’ll be more forgiving and lenient on her than he would on a new male member of staff. In that sense new women starters don’t have the same pressure to perform as a new male member of staff does.

Women on radio 4 complain that attractive girls in the workplace are seen as just a pretty face, but notice how you never hear the attractive girls complaining about it. As an average looking man I’ve been to jobs interviews and have very often got piped to the post by an attractive female. Women can use looks to their advantage & use their feminine charm, something men don’t have in their arsenal. A male boss will very often think that hiring an attractive woman will boast morale, even if she might not be as good at her job as an average looking man. I also wonder whether female managers, are swayed to pick other women purely because their agenda is look after their own gender and give jobs to the girls?

Of course, if you look at company boardrooms and parliament then yes there is a shortage of women, but that will almost certainly change.

If you ask me the ones who have really got a raw deal in society, and this is partly due to us becoming less industrialised as a society, is unskilled working class young men. How can we have equality and opportunity for all if we are just replacing one inequality for another? Maybe the reason why working class young lads are at a disadvantage now is because the type of work available has changed, 80 per cent of the jobs now are in offices, customer services and marketing – jobs which arguably cater more towards the sort of skills that are more common amongst women. We no longer have the sort of heavy industry present in the eighties Britain, and we don’t have the secondary moderns. All of which has contributed to the demise of working class young men. 80% of the prison population is men, so maybe it is high time that the education system helped these young men find a productive place within society – before they end up in prison. Some people just aren’t academically minded, therefore an alternative needs to be devised.

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5 Responses to “Do women really get a raw deal in the workplace?”

  1. hvap says:

    Women leave all the dangerous jobs to men then they still expect equal pay.

  2. Madeira says:

    1. There’s still a significant wage gap, women earn about 75 cents on the dollar.
    2. Look at the CEOs of major corporations, majority male or majority female?
    3. Human resources jobs primarily go to women because women are stereotyped as being more socially adapt.
    4. A man without a college degree on average earns more than a woman with one.

  3. Common Sense says:

    1. In the U.S., there is legislation making it illegal for employees to pay women less than men for the same work. (Equal Pay Act of 1963) Such legislation has protected women for almost 50 years now.

    2. There is a wage gap, but it does not measure men and women in the same jobs and has been shown time and time again to be caused by different choices women make regarding work. It’s the same with fewer women becoming CEOs – why it is a raw deal if it’s not due to discrimination?

    3. Women now entering the workforce are making more than their male counterparts according to several studies.

    4. Women are legally advantaged in hiring and promotion under affirmative action.

    Personally, I don’t see the raw deal.

  4. Fizz says:

    Anecdotes are not statistics or evidence. My grandad lived til 96 and was a smoker…I’m not going to go and claim smoking is OK because of that. Same principles.

  5. Jerry says:

    Women are extremely under represented in the ‘glass cellar’ jobs, you know those cold, hard, dirty and dangerous jobs that men get killed at? Let’s fight for equality now.

    BTW the pay gap is a complete myth that needs to be put to bed.

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