Do You All Believe “everyone” That Is On Assistance Deserve To Be?

I see so many people on assistance working off the books and just taking all they can get. This way of thinking is a big part of what is hurting America. I see adults quitting their jobs and going back to school studying in fields they have not intention of working in, so they can collect free support. These programs pay for everything, right down to your shoes.
Another way that govt assistance is being wasted through medicare. My mother-in-law was on medicaid, medicare and needed a wheelchair. The doctor wrote a script, the medicare supported business sent out a chair at the cost of $50 a month to medicare for 12 months. It would then be hers. Not a bad deal, except when I looked up that same chair on the web I found she could buy it out right for $99 (no s/h). We could not see the govt being taken for $501. I had them take their chair and we waited a month until she got her next social security check and bought her the wheelchair. These companies are robbing the govt and I can’t see how we can let them. It would have been more prudent to give my mother-in-law a voucher made out to the company we bought the chair from, for the exact amount she paid.

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5 Responses to “Do You All Believe “everyone” That Is On Assistance Deserve To Be?”

  1. PHASMID says:

    I saw the same things while working.

  2. y says:

    A new report on the cell phone giveaway just came out and just over 40% in the program. Don’t meet the criteria. Total cost to the tax payer is just under a billion a year. If it is any type of indication of the fraud and abuse throughout all those programs, then we really need to get our heads out of our asses and do something about it.

  3. Weeg says:

    The vast majority of people on assistance need it. Nothing in this universe is perfect, so there will be some abuse.
    I had a friend that thought those programs were a waste and should be ended, then he got hurt and could no longer work as a truck driver. Suddenly he realized that those programs are good.

  4. The Doctor says:

    NO but I do defend the imperfect system that commands these needed programs nothing in dc fed gov is going to be 100% perfect dr
    Obama could make it better if he really wanted too but in my opinion he does not care too…dr

  5. Sakkar says:

    No i don’t believe.

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