Do You Believe In Private School Vouchers, Just Like Former Florida Republican Governor Jeb Bush?…

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9 Responses to “Do You Believe In Private School Vouchers, Just Like Former Florida Republican Governor Jeb Bush?”

  1. NONAME says:

    it worries me. makes me think they’re trying to stratify education.

  2. Jenny says:

    I’m conservative but on this one, no. I believe it is an shared responsibility to raise the next generation. By that logic, people without children should be exempt from property tax. I had a child later in life and didn’t know if I ever would. I never begrudged paying for schools.
    What I do resent is how incredibly poorly they are run.

  3. slew says:

    With what liberals have done to our schools, yes.
    They dumb down schools so the dumb kids won’t feel dumb, and to make false appearance things are getting better.
    In Oxnard California, the gay rights went so far as to allow Some transvestite child to go around grabbing other kids crouch, and the school staff looked the other way to placate the Homosexual rights group. It went so far that one kid got fustrated over the constant sexual harrassment and went nuts and shot him.
    school has become a social place for troubled kids and the school avoids kicking them out.
    michael seems to prove what I was trying to say about oxnard.

  4. ms manners says:

    Why should poor children be relegated to inferior public schools? Their parents should be able to send their children where they want.
    Unfortunately, in my state the all-powerful teacher’s union is always able to shoot down any voucher propositions.

  5. Pollythe says:

    Most certainly. Let parents choose schools which best suit their children instead of these factories that produce lowly test scores and nothing else.

  6. Michael B - Repeal Prop. 8! says:

    No. I don’t believe the government should be funding the promotion of homophobia in education.

  7. IceT says:

    Yes you should be able to send your kids to the scroll you want.

  8. Phil McGroyen says:

    Yes, and so do most parents, especially inner city parents dreaming of a better life for their kids.

  9. Sri Rachi says:

    Milton and Rose Friedman, ftw

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