Do You Consider This Man To Be A Good Person Or A Bad Person?

Richard: He used to be a retail employee at a department store and always worked hard and was always really nice and helpful towards his co-workers and the customers, sadly after a while Richard started feeling angered that he wasn’t being rewarded well enough for his hard work and wasn’t getting a lot of appreciation from the management and his co-workers and ended up quitting his job and became a marijuana dealer.
Richard loved the rewards he was getting from his marijuana sales and he claims that he has made more money in a month for selling weed than he has in his 5 years at his retail job and he wanted to continue on selling marijuana so he could get to have lots of rewards such as nice clothes, nice cars, vacations, lots of good food to eat.
Sadly Richard is now serving a 10 year prison sentence in the state penitentiary for having 27 lbs in his vehicle and the State and Government has seized his vehicle, his money and his belongings and Richard feels very wronged by it cause he thought selling drugs was a great way for him to not feel envious towards the rich people.

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5 Responses to “Do You Consider This Man To Be A Good Person Or A Bad Person?”

  1. riley says:

    There are lots of good people in jail just because they did something they shouldn’t have done.

  2. FreeBand says:

    I think he’s neither. He was probably confused at that moment. Ingaging in illegal activity is never right, even if you gain money out of it.

  3. James says:

    Richard knew damned well that selling drugs was a crime. He knew he would go to prison. Richard made some very stupid choices. Now, he has to pay for the choices he made. I will not call Richard either good, or bad. I will just say he got greedy, and very impatient.

  4. Catherin says:


  5. ely says:

    Hes not a good person or bad person. Not all people who does things against the law are necessarily bad people. Not all people who deal with drugs are bad people. Your drug description of him is not enough for me to decide whether hes good or not. More information is needed to decide.

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