Do You Feel In This Economy That Men Are Able To Succeed And Women Are Not?

Ok don’t scream and yell me alright, Im asking this because I am indeed a lady and I cant find work other than retail-which I hate- that was also part time and while I was going to school. I never made even close to enough money to pay my automobile expenses, bills, or to save to move out which is a nessesity at my age 23.
Ive noticed that my brother his male friends along with some other guys I know through friends make a decent living and all have nice- I mean in this era 2011-2013- cars. I have a beat up 1990 Toyota
I only know one girl that is doing somewhat alright, of course I know there are a lot of women who can make it on their own, but to me it just seems harder rightnow.
All the higher paying jobs where you can actually make a living preferably higher men.
what do you think?

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4 Responses to “Do You Feel In This Economy That Men Are Able To Succeed And Women Are Not?”

  1. krissy says:

    I agree with you, it is harder for women to find jobs than men. There is only so many jobs we can do without experience. Even with a bachelors degree finding work is hard for females while men with a bachelors degree who can’t find jobs, can easily apply for construction work and make the same amount of money, if not more, without having to be educated.
    I am not sure what to tell you because i am kind of in the same situation myself. What my friends and i are doing is just applying to retail or waitressing. I know you can make alot of tips as a waitress, the only problem with waitressing is that you need to be able to lift a certain amount of weight inorder to be successful. You have to be able to balance alot of plates, drinks and wine glasses on a plate to customers and be able to safely put them on the table without spilling the drinks. After working in my very first watiressing jobi realized that it was not for me at least not in a busy resteraunt. If you can find work in a quiet restaurant that may be the most ideal but don’t go for busy resteraunt like what i did because they make you carry several orders on one tray. Tips are very good though and its enough to pay for car, school and automobile expenses. Retail is sucks and is only good while going to school part time. Other then that, its very hard to do if you want actual income. The hours are terrible and they are very quick to fire you if you are not doing the job perfectly. They want you to be the model of the store by wearing thier clothes so 99 percent of your earnings go towards by the latest clothes from their company, leaving you broke. Even with the employee discount it takes up most of your money. Working in a wearhouse is good but you have to be really fit to do the job. They usually don’t hire women so im not sure what that lady above was talking about. Most of the employees are male. Try to get a job at fed ex they are equal hire employer and both women and men work there. Its hard to get a job there.. good luck

  2. King Julian says:

    If you walk into most large and small companies you’ll find that most of the managers are women.
    Finding a good job has nothing to do with your gender, it has to do with how much experience you have and the type of education you have.
    Your only 23 years old, you just entered the workforce, you still need time to develop experience an climb up the employment staircase.

  3. Mister Left says:

    I think if you’re talking about jobs that you can get with a maximum of high school level education then men probably do work that’s more physically demanding and pays higher because of this.
    The recession hit everyone pretty hard and I know a lot of people work two or three jobs.
    I’m sorry you’re going through hard times. 🙁

  4. discoura says:

    No, being a guy doesn’t make things come easy. Where are your male friends working? Can you do the same work? Maybe they can hook you up.

    When I was right out of high school, I did warehouse work, and about half of the workers were female. Nobody handed me the job. I applied and I was hired, as were the women there. Go for it.

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