Do you find the Marks and Spencer Christmas advert sexist?

I read that 8 people complained that the Marks and Spencer Christmas advert was "sexist" because of the lady walking around in her underwear!

I don’t agree, but what do you think!

Thanks xx

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12 Responses to “Do you find the Marks and Spencer Christmas advert sexist?”

  1. groovymaude says:

    Terrible to exploit Phillip Glennister like that……oh, you mean the underwear, do M&S not sell underwear then? Of course it’s not sexist

  2. Bob says:

    I don’t understand people saying it’s sexist. Would they think different if it was a man in the advert?

  3. littlehaba says:

    Think that the people who complain need to get a life. There’s tons of serious stuff going on our world to get annoyed and wound up about. What does a poxy advert matter. x

  4. Amelia says:

    lol bob’s answer made me laugh
    but yeah seriously, of course its not sexist.
    how stupid, probably because they couldn’t find anything else to complain about at the time.

  5. norma d says:

    No I dont think so. Too many people complain nowadays about stupid things, they should get a life.

  6. 2009 says:

    I’m a woman and I didn’t find it sexist.

  7. Caspar Pie says:

    No its a wonderful ad.

  8. ♥**•.¸¸verbalkint♥**•.¸¸ says:

    they said that about the virgin ad with all the dressed in red ladies i didnt find it offensive BUT,,,,,
    be nice to have some eye candy for us ladies to look at, in adverts, soaps, series

  9. legs says:

    Its meant to be tongue in cheek as far as I can see. No I don’t think it’s sexist after all most of the UK wear M & S undies. Some people have nothing better to do than complain.

  10. Fairy says:

    The entier advertising business use the female body, hald naked women to sell their products, far more than the nude man is used. I personaly find it annoying: but mainly when it’s pointless, I see why it’s in the M&S advert as it is advertising the underwear of the store, it’s not just provocative half naked woman there for no reason like the gum desiese advert for example: where they just zoom up the naked woman in a field’s body. That advert annoys me so much, its just un-necessary and lazy.
    But the M&S advert isnt centered around the underwear woman, and she’s there for a reason. So that’s okay I guess 🙂
    I don’t think it is all that sexist, there’s far worse examples.

  11. anne s says:

    yes its sexist
    m&s should spend their money on saving us cash at xmas not giving it out to overpaid celebs
    im not buying from them this year , the standard of their clothes and food is not what it was anyway , its expensive and not better quality than any other high street shop

  12. Samba Jo says:

    No…just stupid.
    I can’t stand watching adverts at the best of times but the M&S and the Meerkat one are just cringeworthy.

    Yeah, I know….bah humbug! 😉

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