do you get a staff discount?

Hi, I am just wondering what the discount is like in your store?

I have been told ours is good (30%off all full priced goods, nothing off sale goods) 75% off 1 pair of the chapest jeans instore. Its River Island by the way.

I only wish the company treated its staff with a bit more respect, I mean I know this is retail but theres no need for the disregard we are given most of the time. We work at minimum wage (and thats comming from weather or not you have a 2.1 degree -like me, or a 16 year old school leaver), yet we are all expected to work doing many tasks at the same time- e.g clothes in size order, approaching every customer, selling account cards, making targets on items sold of jeans shoes …etc, running up and down 2 flights of stairs for customer stockroom enquiries (probably around 10 stock checks an hour), working as security guards, operational/delivery staff, till work…the list is endless!

I need a new job and am just wondering how our pay and discount compare?
I cant use my degree for a job as its a design degree and I havent got any C.A.D skills which are essential for any design job.
I would love to go back to college but I havent got any money, I also fall asleep as soon as I get home as the boss we have is a bit of a slave driver and work is exhausting!

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2 Responses to “do you get a staff discount?”

  1. K Marx iii says:

    Start looking outside the retail sector as the pay and conditions are the among the worst. I used to do retail management so I do know. The staff discounts are a con also.We sold our goods to staff at trade (buying) prices, but that is not a great help really because these are not essential goods but luxury goods so you are spending what little money you have before you leave which means you are really working for them for next to nothing. Get me?

  2. David C says:

    Hi J, you shouldn’t use staff discount as an incentive for applying for a new job. If you have a degree you should put it to good use. My wife graduated in interior design in the summer of 2003 and didn’t have any experience and only minimal CAD skills so she worked in a shop for a while. She decided it wasn’t for her so with a bit of persistence and determination she applied for loads of jobs, got loads of knock backs but by the end of the year had a job as a space planner. It wasn’t her dream job but it was a step in the right direction and has enabled her to gain a few years CAD experience. My advice to you is to keep applying for jobs that you want to do rather than ones you feel you should do with your lack of experience and eventually you will get your dream job.

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