Do you have to process colour reversal slide film?

I’m an art student and have been using negative 35mm film for a few months now with my Holga 135bc and Konica mg/d, I’m now starting to shoot with this type of colour reversal film below

Do I get this processed as regular negative film? Also I’m interested in slide film so can I ‘cut’ them into slides myself?
I’m still a newbie to this so any tips and advice on this topic would be much appreciated, thanks!

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2 Responses to “Do you have to process colour reversal slide film?”

  1. Tim says:

    You need to get it processed, but it is a different process than color negative film.

    Negatives are usually processed using C-41.

    Slide film like Velvia are processed E-6.

    Most pro labs can do E-6 in house, and drug stores will be able to send it out. Just make sure you write "E-6" in big letters on the envelope, preferable with a large marker, because if someone at the lab accidentally runs it through the C-41 machine they will ruin your film.

    Yes, you can cut them into slides yourself. They make snap in slide mounts. You just cut the film with scissors and snap it into the mount.

    Honestly given how rare slide projectors are, I would not bother. Just get the film sleeved just like your negatives, then scan it as needed.

  2. Mike1942f says:

    Yes, of course you have to have it processed – but not using the same chemistry as 35mm negative film – you should be able to get the slide film processed at any place that does photo processing although it commonly takes longer because it is not as automatic and to cut the slides yourself you have to indicate on the order that you want "unmounted"
    and in some cases keep your fingers crossed. I used to do slides all the time.
    For the most reliable service, including not getting the film cut at all (one long strip instead of 6-8" pieces with 4-6 images per strip to fit in the return envelope) look up a professional film processing place somewhere near you.
    Here is a page from a local camera store with slide film processing.

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