Do you know when the summer sales start?

I’m not english, but I’ll go to Oxford and London during the month of July. Do you know if there are any sales there in that period? Thanks in advance 🙂

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2 Responses to “Do you know when the summer sales start?”

  1. Go with the flow says:

    Just a bit of word to the wise:
    There are some stores that ALWAYS have sales.
    You can never visit and not find sales.

    I remember once being at a store that always has everything 40% off.
    A man came in with his wife and got all exited about everything being 40% off.
    What a fool. He did not know everything is always on sale.
    Just pay a fair price for what you want.

  2. Margaret S says:

    Summer sales are really a thing of the past. Almost all stores are on permanent or nearly permanent sales.

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