Do you like a bargain?

I’ve been shopping today and as usual when in the local garden centre I look for half dead plants. They are always reduced and then I fetch them home to try and rescue them. I don’t know which gives me the most pleasure, the fact that I had a bargain or that they survive because of my tender care and I have such a pretty garden. I would never be able to afford to pay for so many plants if I had to pay full price.
So my question is what in your view has been your biggest bargain recently? Thanks for answering x

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12 Responses to “Do you like a bargain?”

  1. The Beauty Spot says:

    I got myself a real bargain that money can’t buy. My husband. He is my little crock of gold. I followed the whole length of a rainbow to get him. That’s bargains for you. You keep looking until you get what you want. He was born in the month of January so that makes him a January sale bargain.

  2. on the wagon says:

    i just go for buy one get one free offers

  3. emmapeel66 says:

    That’s hard to say. I clip coupons all the time; consequently, I get little bargains all the time. However, my best one has to be the leather jacket that had been $250.00 that I got for $67.00 on a great sale!!

  4. colourmestupid15 says:

    2 pairs of shorts for $12. =)

  5. susiegirl says:

    a ring for ma daughter white gold emralds and diamonds for 1 quid always go for bargins best way to shop ps have got ring checked out and its real lol

  6. gldnsilnc says:

    I like a bargain as long as it’s something I was looking for in the first place. I find it annoying to have things shoved down my throat at a reduced price and be expected to be overjoyed at the offer when it wasn’t even on my radar.

  7. olliedog says:

    A lovely charcoal grey suede jacket and bag reduced from £70 to £20. Okay, I know I can’t wear it until the weather gets cooler, but I’m ready.

  8. MMM says:

    About two years ago I went into a Goodwill store and found a fantastic Yamaha Digital Home Theater amplifier, absolutely like new. I needed it to replace the monitor in my recording studio. Scored it for $35 and found out later it originally sold for several hundred dollars. Has worked flawlessly ever since. Also got a like-new microphone about the same time… $250 value for $10.00 and an older CD burner ($400 new) for $15. As for the plants, good for you! Hey, they are living things and deserve attention just like the rest of us!

  9. dolly k says:

    when my kiddies were younger i used to buy a lot of their clothes in the second hand shop, some things were new donated by local stores, anyway i bought a bag for my son for school and when we came home we found twenty pounds in the pocket, not bad for fifty pence eh

  10. Iritadragon says:

    Well, seeing as there are seven people living in this household, the bargains I am usually looking for are of food.

    I regularly buy meat when they have reduced it for sale. Of course, I don’t touch anything that is discoloured or looks wrong, but I also wouldn’t be able to afford to eat T-bones if it weren’t for these sales.

  11. Maid Angela says:

    Who doesn’t like a bargain and I still find myself humming and hahing over a price even though I can easily afford it

  12. SusieQ says:

    I thought I had a bargain at work when i purchased 6 Magnum ice creams for £3 until, I went to tescos and bought 6 for £1.79 (bogof) 2 days later!

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